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Business – or office park

Specialists in remote offsite monitoring and Business – or office park surveillance

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Business – or office park is an area of land in which business or office buildings are grouped together.

In a secured area entrance and exit is normally monitored by security guards where vehicles sign in and or office park surveillance
Remote Offsite Monitoring, in conjunction with Security Guards, offers a complete security and surveillance solution for business and office parks.

Security Guards offers S.I.R.A regulation grade security officers A, B, C and D, which are trained to monitor and patrol the business – or office park.
Remote Offsite Monitoring offers 24 hours, 7 days a week, offsite monitoring solution run from our control room in Wynberg, Johannesburg.

What it entails is that surveillance cameras are placed in the streets all over the business – or office park to form a complete security viewing grid. With the surveillance cameras criminal or unauthorised activities will be picked up immediately by the control room operator. The operator will immediately let the onsite security guard know so that appropriate action can be taken.

Remote Offsite Monitoring can even go to the next step by following the vehicle via the live stream cameras to ensure that it goes to a designated point. Should the vehicle deviate from its path the security guards can be alerted by the control room operator so that they can follow up to ensure that the vehicle finds its way to where it is intended to go.

Another scenario in which Remote Offsite Monitoring can play a role is when a vehicle reaches the entrance of a particular office or building the remote offsite monitoring control room operator can let the person in by contact via intercom to open and close the gate or door.

There are many more scenarios in which Remote Offsite Monitoring can play a key role to enhance the security setup of a business – or office park. By completing our online form one of our qualified security specialists will promptly contact you and assist you with all your questions.